Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Soloist

I haven't seen many films this year that have made an impression upon me, this is one of the few that have. What is most interesting, is that it is a true story. Journalist Steve Lopez began writing his remarkable story in a column of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, which has been created into a best selling book and now produced as this film. 
Whilst desperately trying to find something to write about for his newspaper column, Lopez hears a homeless, black musician playing Beethoven on a two-string violin in the street. This encounter starts as a human interest story for Lopez as he learns the musician, Nathaniel Ayers, was once a child prodigy, attending Julliard school in New York. However suffering from schizophrenia at an early age left him on the streets, with music being the only key to his sanity. As Lopez gets to know Ayers, he endeavors to get him of the streets and back into music and to expose the appalling conditions of the cities homeless. A rather lost character, the audience get the feeling that it is also a chance for Lopez to find himself. However over the film Lopez learns he cannot help Ayers, but just simply be his friend to him. It is a thought provoking, compelling story of friendship, with a warming yet realistic ending. 
Nathaniel Ayers is played by Jamie Foxx, a rather unlikely actor for this part, however he  plays it beautifully with much empathy. The relationship between Ayers and Lopez works brilliantly as they struggle to understand each other. All in all, a fascinating true story, brilliantly cast, well worth watching.

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  1. I've been meaning to watch this movie. I've heard some positive reviews so far, it will be interesting to see the friendship of two men grow.