Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Nokia Vine

Nokia viNe is a breakthrough mobile application for the Nseries, that records photos, videos, text, songs, voice and bookmarks onto a multimedia map of your life. As you go about your journey, the phones in built GPS tracker logs photos etc exactly where you take them so that you can relive and share your experiences. The vines can then be uploaded onto the Nokia viNe website.

There is no doubt that this a very clever and interesting piece of technology, however is it at all useful? Personally I wouldn't use this application, but then I rarely use my phone for anything other than calling and texting. I also wouldn't want to share my photos and videos on the internet. Though for technology lovers, this would surely be very appealing. Also the application does has some practical uses. I find the idea very intriguing but most of all I like the branding and the website for Nokia viNe. The website has a map of the world with vines that have been uploaded tagged on it and the overall design is fun and eye-catching. However somehow I still don't think it will be enough to compete with the iPhone. 

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