Monday, 28 September 2009

Design for Life BBC2

Tonight on BBC2 is the third episode of the apprentice-esque show, Design For Life. It follows twelve product design candidates competing for a six month placement at Philippe Starck's (the programs equivalent to Alan Sugar) design agency in Paris. Much like the apprentice, the competitors are set a task each week and the loser is sent home. The first week saw literal minded James expelled, who produced a bag of disposable nappies as an example of an unecological product. 

Philippe Starck provides most of the entertainment with his eccentric, and very stereotypically french personality. However, for a programme about design, I find it very poorly designed with a bad format. Definitely not to the standard of similar programmes, The Apprentice and Dragons Den. Also the chosen candidates are uninspiring and unentertaining. The BBC have probably cast them for their design ability rather than for entertainment value which makes for rather dull viewing and may not go down to well with the general public.

Despite this I am so pleased that the BBC have produced a program for the design community. I have often watched the apprentice and thought how good a design version would be. It is also a good opportunity to create public awareness about the importance of design. Philippe Starck too promotes an emphasis on ecological design and sustainability, an increasing concern in the design industry. For designers, particularly students it provides great inspiration for design and creativity and an insight into a prolific designer's agency. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the series. 

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  1. just watched the first episode of this on iplayer, i love it. It really reminds me on our crits and uni. It got me into the design thinking mode again after the summer holidays which is good and i am now constantly thinking
    about design again. love it going to watch the next 2 episodes now,