Tuesday, 28 July 2009

iphone-enabled outdoor advertising

I found this concept particularly interesting as it is so reminiscent of the Clearchannel brief set this year, I only wish I had thought of it. 
Developed by digital agency Cluster and CBS Outdoor, it is a revolutionary new technology that allows the touch screen of your iphone to control LCD advertising displays. It works by connecting the iphone through wifi or 3G to the advertising screen and using the touch screen on the iphone to interact with the object displayed, changing the position, size and even colour. 

"This revolutionary platform showcases the huge potential that exists for digital outdoor to use emerging technologies to captivate consumers in it's unique environments. Digital outdoor is an incredibly innovative medium and as an industry we are really just scratching the surface of the weird and wonderful ways it can engage." Russell Townsend, managing director of Cluster.

An objective of the Clearchannel brief that was so critical, was to make outdoor media engage with its audience. Something that I found very challenging, is exactly what I think makes this idea so successful and unique from previous outdoor advertising. It has the ability to grab the viewers attention and most of all interact with them. 
This also highlights how technology is key in advertising, not only to produce new and innovative ideas but also to progress forward. Too often do I look for a clever design or creative concept in my work and forget what technology has to offer. This new technology has opened the door to many more possibilties within outdoor media. Whether or not it will work in reality is another matter, however I think it is a brilliant example of thinking outside the box.