Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Eco-friendly Advertising

After watching the new Design for Life programme as mentioned in my last post, Philippe Starck got me thinking about sustainable design. More and more brands are using an eco-friendly aspect of their product as a concept for their advertising. I think these Audi adverts are very effective, showing that their cars are more fuel efficient, therefore more environmentally friendly and more cost effective. This is illustrated through their clever use of typography. In the first advert the text is made to look like a road using the white lines, this suggests you can drive further as the car is more fuel efficient. The second advert is my favorite of the two, using the words in the shape of a fuel gauge highlighting the 'E' and 'F' with the needle pointing to full. Using typography in this way is very eye-catching and effective and proves that it can be as engaging as an image. It also puts across the message of fuel efficiency across very clearly.


  1. Nice ads but am I being really stupid? i can't work out why they highlighted the 'E' and the 'F'. Is it just for visual effect? to make it look like a fuel gauge? lol

  2. yeah i think it went to look like a fuel gauge...
    I think the reason they highlighted the 'e' and 'f'
    as it stands for "Eco-Friendly" maybe.

  3. I think that the E stands for empty and F stands for full like on a fuel gauge