Friday, 11 September 2009

Guess Who? The many Faces of Noma Bar

Noma Bar is an artist I have recently come across and I have taken an instant liking to his striking and genius illustrations. A collection of his work has just been published titled 'guess who: the many faces of Noma Bar'. His illustrations are of celebrities and political figures, drawn using symbols to convey the character or person. The portraits are produced from very few elements, using negative space, which gives Noma Bar a minimalist but very characteristic style. For instance, Uri Geller's face is created from a bent spoon. The symbol in the illustrations gives us a clue as to who the person is. The book is very entertaining and I find his illustrations extremely clever and graphically interesting. I cant believe how much they look like the characters they are supposed to be using so few and basic elements.

Bob Dylan

Margaret Thatcher

Uri Geller

Harry Potter
Ricky Gervais

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