Monday, 21 September 2009

London Fashion Week Exhibition

This weekend I visited London Fashion Week's exhibition at the Sommerset House and 180 Strand, showcasing two hundred of fashions most creative UK and international brands. The exhibition was intended to mirror the energy of the catwalk, helping to highlight fashion trends, and product selection and positioning. The exhibition was so visually eye-catching, consisting of vibrant, innovative and diverse collections. Features I particularly liked were the floating T-shirt island, that celebrates the T-shirt as a clothing item. 
Also Estethica, The British Fashion Council's eco-sustainable 
initiative. A collection of twenty eight designers, that practice fairtrade, recycling and ethical issues in their creations. This was particularly interesting to see cutting edge fashion can still be made in an eco-sustainable way, with the industry making positive development towards these issues. I think it is very important that well known and high fashion brands lead the way with these issues for others to follow. 
The range of colours and materials used in the different collections provided such a diverse and interesting appearance. This is what I like most about textiles and print design, the tactile experience that they give to the viewer. The extensive array of textures made me realise I need to be more experimental in my own work when choosing materials as they can really reinforce the message being portrayed

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  1. I really wanted to go to this! Sounds really good though and very contemporary and relevant to todays economic state with the eco-friendly designs.