Thursday, 10 September 2009

Art On The Underground

Since it is over a year that I last travelled on the London Underground, I was interested by the poster below I saw last weekend. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of London Undergrounds logo the Roundel last year, Art on the Underground commissioned 100 artists to produce new works to celebrate the logo. The artists, from recent graduates to renowned artists were asked to incorporate the Roundel into their work, and interpret what the logos mean to them today. I think the result is really effective, and a great way to celebrate this iconic logo. 

Seeing this reminds me of how successful the London Undergrounds branding is. The roundel is recognisable throughout Britain and has to an extent become a symbol for London itself and of popular culture. Designed in 1919 by Edward Johnstone, it has certainly stood the test of time. The sans serif typography, bold colours and simple design create such a strong symbolic image that the works above created for the 100th aniversary immediately remind us of the logo, even though some are ever so subtle. 

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