Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Forever Story

Created by CHI & Partners, the forever story is an online, collaborative writing experiment they hope will become the worlds longest story. Company Talk Talk are donating £1 for every part of the story submitted. These donations are going to the charity Treehouse that helps children with autism. The first thirty five words of the story have been written by Nick Hornby, and go like this :

"For the first nineteen years of his life, Johnny Razor wasn't Johnny Razor at all. He was Malcom Weatherly, and was born in Mile End Underground station on the night of 17th September 1940"

Other well known writers have also contributed, however it is free for anyone to publish their own piece of the tale. It is fascinating to read from the beginning, how the contributions from different writers take it in a new direction or puts an alternative spin on the story. Also interesting is how much better the story becomes being collaborative and putting everyones ideas together, rather than if just one person had written it. I think the same can be said for all creative work. All together I believe this is a really engaging, unique and clever promotional idea, and portrays Talk Talk's, life's for sharing ethos, whilst also going towards a good cause.

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