Thursday, 12 November 2009

D&AD Student Awards: Metro Brief

I thought I would share some of my own work. This is the latest from the D&AD student awards, Metro brief. The brief was to create a transport advertising poster campaign and strapline that cuts through the visual noise of everyday commute to promote Metro newspapers. The tone of voice is intended to be friendly, engaging and fun. The target market are mostly in full-time employment and are time-starved and don't have time to read a newspaper in the morning before going to work. Therefore I felt that my concept identified with these people, reminding them to take some time for themselves whilst they are commuting, to read the Metro. 


  1. Hi Abby! I too am doing the Metro brief for D&AD.Found it a bit of a toughy! I dont mean to offend, but personally i wouldnt display this till the competition deadline is over, as many people out there will plagerise your idea!

    Sorry if i offend, Nick :)

  2. Did you win this pitch then? I see that Metro are using your MEtime idea.